How to Determine When You have Enough Stuff.

A reader asked me to share about my “processes for determining “enough” for your space – clothing, furniture, etc,” and since I’m in the throes of (thinking about) moving, I figured I’d share what this looks like for me.

My short answer is – you’ll figure out our sweet spot when you start to remove the excess. You’ll probably be surprised by how little you actually use and need compared to how much you have.

When is Enough Stuff Enough?

It depends on several factors that will be unique for each individual and family, including:

– How much space you have. If you have a 5-person family in 800 square feet, you’ll reach your enough point before a single person in a 2,000 square foot home. Simply because you have less place to put that stuff.

– Your clutter tolerance level. Some people have blinders to clutter and it doesn’t bother them, other people get hives when a pile has been sitting on the dining room table for a week. (You can also lower your clutter tolerance level by continually combatting it. How do I know? Personal experience!)

– Whether you get “decision fatigue” or not. What does this mean? For example, if having 30 pairs of shoes overwhelms you, you’ll need less.

Less will Become More.

What’s “enough” today will be “too much” next year because I’m continually reevaluating how much I’d like to have around and enjoying the margin of space around my home.

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