Favorite Finds of 2014.

favorites-2014I wanted to share some of the best things I discovered this year – I have had a lot less time to sit down and read blog posts and books, so podcasts and audiobooks have been essential to me continuing to find entertainment, inspiration, and business advice this year.


Lively Show – intentional living podcast that covers topics from budgeting and capsule wardrobes to balancing motherhood and a career. Love the episodes with people in similar careers, since I always feel a little alone as a self-employed business mama lady.

A Slob Comes Clean – a cleaning and decluttering podcast to inspire!

After the Jump – business-related advice from Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.


Blog posts

Thankful // testoserhome – a beautiful piece on motherhood. It made me less scared of my kids getting older, honestly. Really moving.

How to Create a Wildly Prosperous 15 Hour Work Week // Leonie Dawson – a piece chockfull of really practical guidelines on how to get work done in less time. I reread this over and over.

Everything on mnmlist // Leo Bautista – inspiring, helpful, yes.


Business resources

WordCamp – a great little conference full of resources and people – I’m so glad I attended this year and plan to do so next year, too!

Redbooth – task lists, project management, adding team members, and Google calendar integration. It’s vital to my projects and staying on task! I LOVE this website and would be lost without it!



Overdrive – audiobooks for free from my library. I’m listening to more books than I’m reading these days, so this is fantastic. Amy Poehler’s book on here was amaaaazing.

UFYH –  a cleaning app that gives me tasks to do. Sure, I should just be able to clean my house, but man, this makes it more fun!


TV Show

West Wing – An excellent political drama with just the right amount of comic relief. It was such fun to watch this series with Mike! (And sometimes Theo if he was a night owl).



Yes Please // Amy Poehler  – heartfelt insight balanced by Amy’s amazing ability to bring hilarity to any subject. Inspiring, touching, fantastic.

Spellman Files series // Lisa Lutz  – such a fun series! Not perfect or deep by any stretch, but just what I needed for a year of pregnancy and babyhood. Funny and fun with the added bonus of mystery.

Landline // Rainbow Rowell – apparently this wasn’t loved by all, but I loved the realness of their relationship troubles after years of marriage and children. It made me want to be a better wife. It made me cry. It made me laugh.


Stuff I’ve Bought

Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra - cute, comfortable, and incredibly effective. I will never buy a cheap little Target sports bra again.

Stability ball - this purchase turned out to be the best $11 I spent this year. I used it during big huge pregnancy to sit on while I worked, then as a baby bouncer, and now I use it for super-effective workouts.
Colgate Optic White Toothbrush Plus Whitening Pen – I loved this and it worked so well until I dropped the whitening pen in the toilet. Womp womp. Maybe Santa will put another in my stocking.

Stuff I’ve Bought, Mom Stuff

Grovia diaper cover – my favorite cloth diaper of all time. They work so well and have some cute options.

Undercover Mama nursing tank - wear one every single day. Best.

If I Had a Daughter.


(me on the right, age 5) I would tell her I'm sorry. I'm sorry that the ads tell her she needs to look perfect. That she can never age. That she is responsible for getting her man to stay with her. And also responsible for making sure they "don't get the wrong idea." I'd tell her, I'm … Click here to read the full post →

What I’ve Learned about Decluttering


About 3.5 years ago, my life changed when I started my transformation from slob to...not that messy. It's become second nature to me now to pick up more often, get rid of things, and generally just prevent us from living in a state of squalor. For many people, they don't need to learn this. They … Click here to read the full post →

Theo at 5 Months.

theo-five-months (9 of 9)

He: - Was sleeping terribly but has slept better the last few nights, giving me hope for getting more than a few hours of broken sleep at night. Sleep matters so much, which I alway forget until I'm not getting it. - Is rolling around like crazy, lifting up his little hips and trying so hard to … Click here to read the full post →

November Updates & December Intentions.

november-update (1 of 1)

[November Update] Sell things on Craiglist. I listed and sold several items. I sold everything I listed (except for a playmat that ended up as a donation on accident). I did find a few more things (old DSLR, some newborn cloth diapers, a nursing tank) that probably won't sell locally, so I'll need … Click here to read the full post →

Babyhood: This Time vs. Last Time.


Babies at four months (Theo, Gabe) A few months ago, I talked about how my pregnancies compared to each other. Now let’s talk about how my experiences of babyhood have compared with each other: Last time: I reveled in the experience of having a baby. I was obsessed with my child. OBSESSED. … Click here to read the full post →

This Week’s Meal Plan & A Free Cookbook (sorta).


Since I love seeing other family's meal plans and budget-friendly meals are my jam, I thought I'd share what we have cooking every now and then in case anyone else loves finding recipes that are good. (Full disclosure: I won't do it often since we often eat the same things several times a … Click here to read the full post →