Theo at Four Months.


– Is sleeping WORSE and it’s sad. Instead of a 5-6 hour stretch to start the night, it’s more like a 4 hour stretch and I won’t blather on about sleep, because I know that he’ll sleep well eventually, but woe. I miss the good sleep!

– Is FANTASTIC, however, at falling asleep. I just swaddle him and leave him alone and bam! Sleeping baby. Is awesome. I approve, tiny baby. (I discovered this on accident when I left the room to do something after swaddling him and, “hey, he hasn’t started crying…is he…? OMG. Gabe NEVER did that!” Was quite exciting.) (Yes, we will swaddle him forever and ever, obviously.)

– Has started LAUGHING at Gabe, which delights all of us to no end. He so clearly adores his big brother and I truly can’t wait to see them play together even more as they get older. (Gabe already thinks they play together – flying on spaceships, riding in submarines, and performing “check ups” on him.)

– Continues to grow much too quickly for my liking. I’m considering withholding food to keep him from growing too fast. (KIDDING. Please don’t send me angry emails. Kidding!)

– Has the sweetest dimples and gummy smile. And is madly in love with me. He follows me around with his eyes, even if I’m washing dishes in the kitchen. I know it won’t last, so I’m soaking it up. I think he loves me for my milk, but whatever.

– Has reaching the squawking stage. Noisy boys! (Phoebe reference. If you know what I’m talking about, let’s be BFFs.)

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dat face.


–  Am super obsessed with getting a Tula baby carrier. You all know how much I love my Ergo, but I went to a baby wearing meeting where I tried on no less than FIVE baby carriers and when I put the Tula on it’s like angels sang. Theo felt like he was floating instead of pulling on my back and shoulders.

– Ran my first race since baby (and first race since two years ago…the fall before we started trying to add a baby to our family. Crazy!). It went as well as I could have hoped – I am slow but I ran the whole thing and faster than my (very super modest) goal.

– Am still trying to lose weight, but mostly not really trying and kind of eating peanut butter and chocolate by the truckload. Whatever. I’m just a few pounds away from my jeans feeling comfortable and not just merely buttoning. I’ll get there. I feel completely back to myself, aside from this little post-baby pooch. But, that will go away, too. Although Gabe did tell me this morning that he could see that I have another baby in my belly and I was all, “Well, THANKS, kid.”

– Have had a great first full month back to working, income-wise, even though some child care wrenches got thrown in my way. I’m back to adding a decent income to our bank account and working and it feels goooood. And a little stressful to juggle everything that needs to get done and working and clients and ahhhh! (I might be having some balance issues. I’m doing it all and it’s stressful.)

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Gabe at four months. I still don’t think they look the same!

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