I’m Moving and I’m Going to Talk About It.

I haven’t made it much of a secret that I’m not excited about moving,. I’m trying to be. I want to be.

Moving is on my mind a lot – worries, logistics, sadness, excitement.

I heard Mimi Ikonn say Fear and excitement are the same emotion, just depends on your perspective. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. When I think about moving, I get a pit in my stomach. It feels like fear and dread, but maybe I could turn it into excitement if I try really hard?

Finding a new place will commence next week with a long trip over to western Massachusetts then down to North Carolina to for another beach trip. I’m actually kind of excited for the road trip (Talk to me in 8 days. Ha.) and for getting to finally see the areas we’ve read and heard so much about.

We’ll be visiting our home for the next few years! How exciting! But there’s that pit in my stomach again.

The cons of moving are:

  • Leaving friends and family
  • The cost of living increase
  • All the hassles of moving – renting a truck, packing, finding a new place, cancelling and setting up utilities, filing taxes in multiple states, finding new doctors, etc.
  • Did I mention we’re leaving LOTS OF PEOPLE we love? And that my parents are always childcare and broken car backup should we need it?

The pros of moving are:

  • Getting to know a new city and region!
  • Hopefully getting a place with more outdoor space!
  • Mike has a JOB and a salary. Financial stability is always a pro, right?

I’m trying to channel all my energy into the only thing I can control right now: decluttering (selling stuff on s or giving it away) and packing. (And procrastinating by reading about it, of course.)


I have many worries right now.

How do I make friends? And will I be lonely? All the time? What if everyone there is fancy and cute and I’m over here makeup-less and owning exactly one pair of heels that I wear only to weddings or funerals?

What city should we live in? Is it really unsafe or are people just scared of everything? Will we find a home? What if it doesn’t start a lease until September 1st. Where we will live for 2 weeks? What will we do with our stuff?

Should I be packing more? Getting rid of more?

Should we go home for Thanksgiving or is that too much travel for just 4 days? Will Gabe be okay?

If you’ve moved from several states away or farther – how did find a city, neighborhood that was right for you? Did you make a mistake?

-zzzzzz- my brain just fizzled out. Worry overdrive.

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