Summer Update & October Intentions

It’s been a whopping four months since I set goals for myself. Four months of upheaval and packing and house hunting and packing and moving and unpacking and getting settled.

And here we are. Exhale.

Because I need to set goals in order to move forward (is this a major flaw? TBD), let’s resume the public sharing of the goals, yes?


Let’s get this over with quickly. Because it was a floppity flop flop of a summer, goal-wise.

ROUTINE & SYSTEMS | Get a post-launch system for websites into place. My real win for the summer. I created a Goodbye Packet with FAQ, a brand guide, my usual screencast trainings, and other info to help clients as they start to use their website to its fullest potential. I also am starting a newsletter/blog for clients and former clients to answer questions. (You can get on the list here, btw)

LEARN | Complete Javascript training on Codeacademy. Newp. Did not happen.

Install a non-Google fonts webfont. Another nope. Sorry, summer!

HABIT |  No nail biting. I stopped for a month then restarted. Blast.

SANITY & RELATIONSHIP | kindness meditation. Yes. In June. Twelve millions years ago.

Don’t house hunt at all. Haaaa. Well, we’re done hunting and moved in a month ago. So, yay? We don’t have to do that again for at least 10 more months. ;)


In the interest of doing the smallest possible thing to move me in the direction I want to go (recent reread of the wonderful Essentialism), I’m going to try to bite off small bits this month instead ripping off giant hunks of baguette that my jaw cannot chew. (This metaphor just got way too real.)

WORK| Start Little Leaf Newsletter. I’ve been gathering email addresses for a newsletter for the past few years because all the business experts talk about how important your “list” is…but never really knew what to email them, so I didn’t. I finally have a plan that I’m excited about. Just have to send one email.

LEARN | Do lesson two of development course. Am I the only one who buys an ecourse then…forgets about finishing it? I purchased a course that looks great, but I have only started. I’m going to do lesson two. (I was going to say finish the whole thing, but see? Smallest step.)

LIFE | Start listening to finance podcast. I’m really good at budgeting and a pro at living frugally, but I want to learn more about investing and saving for retirement (we do both, but I have no real idea what I’m doing). And when I want to learn about something, the first place I turn is to podcasts. Anyone have a good finance podcast to recommend? Listen Money Matters seems pretty good, and I’ve also tried Dave Ramsey  and Money Girl Quick and Dirty Tips, but neither were my favorite.

HABIT | Save articles to Pocket.  AKA: Learning to Single Task, Step 1I am a crazy clicker. I click over to that, the back to this, read two paragraphs, check my online banking deposits, back to reading the news, then over to Twitter and phew. I need to stop. Step one is saving articles I want to read to Pocket. I like that I can access the articles offline. Maybe instead of trolling the social medias while I nurse Theo early in the morning, I’ll read stuff.

RELATIONSHIPS | “Plant trees” for 2 hours each day on phone. A big goal I have is to be super present with the kids. Not, like, suffocatingly or obsessively so, but I just want to soak up every ounce of quality time I can with them when they’re so young and still want to hang out with me. (Or at the very least not completely ignore them.) I use my phone a lot to listen to podcasts, but then sometimes I find myself getting lost in there. This will help combat that. (I use this app to plant trees.)

BLOG | Recategorize all of my posts. I have SO much content here. I plan to overhaul this site by the end of 2015. This is step one. Step two is actually blogging more. Ha. (Do people even read blog anymore or is everyone hooked on podcasts like I am?)

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