Gabe has a little brother named Theo, who joined us at 12:28 am yesterday, June 29th. Nine days late and with a labor that was almost the complete opposite of his big brother, we are thrilled to finally meet this little guy! Well, not that little at 8 pounds and 21 inches. All the nurses keep marveling at how big he is for how petite I am. I told them it was all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch I ate.

Nursing is already much easier than the first time around – my milk is in and he’s doing great!

I’ll be back soon to share his birth story and more pictures like this:

In the meantime, I have a baby to snuggle. A baby! I can’t believe I get to do this again. Can’t wait to be sleep deprived. :)

Hi. I’m Due Today.

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How far along? 40 weeks = FULLY COOKED How big is baby? I'm guessing bigger than Gabe, who was 6 lbs 13 oz. Total weight gain: +31 lbs Updates: Still pregnant. Baby still not named. Lots and lots of contractions. Many times I thought I was going into labor, but was not. Anxious about: Having to … Click here to read the full post →

Five Things on Monday.

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My one customary bare belly shot for the pregnancy. In which I scare everyone with that belly button. The miracle of liiiiiife. 1. My due date is Friday. The last time I was 39 weeks pregnant, I wrote this about waiting and it still rings true with how I'm feeling - minus the commuting part, add … Click here to read the full post →

38 Weeks.


Same shirt & pants - 5 months apart.  How far along? 38 weeks. How big is baby? We'll find out soon enough. Total weight gain: +28 lbs (aka: 26% of my pre-pregnancy body wonder life is so hard) Updates: I tested negative for GBS, so hooray for not needing an IV of antibiotics! We … Click here to read the full post →

May Updates & June Intentions.

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Preschool year-end performance. [May Update] Put my phone in another room (or at least across the room) at night. Wildly successful. Annoyingly so. I think it's probably the part where I'm not on my phone right before sleeping or checking my email/Twitter in the middle of the night. I just stay … Click here to read the full post →

Before You Are No Longer my Only Child.

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Before our first child was born, I felt frantic about our dwindling days as a couple without kids. We spent so much time together that summer before Gabe was born, filling our days and evenings with conversations, blissful sleep (well as blissful as you can get in those last few weeks of pregnancy), … Click here to read the full post →

36 Weeks.


How far along? 36 weeks. How big is baby? Almost six pounds and almost nineteen inches long. But, everything is approximate at this point, since Gabe was small for 40 weeks when he was born. Total weight gain: +25 lbs Updates: Just trucking along. Or, waddling along. Working like a madwoman to … Click here to read the full post →