Tiny Babies, A Birth Story, and Chocolate.

I could tell how you how much fun I had on Easter. I could tell you about how my little sister asked my dad (who’s dated exactly one woman) for dating advice. I could tell you how we all sat around and decided which of our cousins would survive the Hunger Games. I could tell you how I ate the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my entire life (think: Mama’s Little Bakery – it was eat-it-off-the-floor worthy). I could tell you about how there were 14 little boys ages one-to-eight. Instead, I’ll show you so some pictures:

(My dad overhears us talking about how long we pushed during labor and goes, “Oh yeah? I had FIVE KIDS and pushed zero minutes! So there.”)

I spent the rest of the evening updating our budget (which I’d been neglecting for six weeks…eek) and watched Psych with Mike. Funny crime shows are the best.

My weekend also involved new running shoes and running eight entire miles for the first time. More on that later.

Hope your weekend was long and filled with family, as well! Or at least chocolate.

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  1. Great photos! You and your sisters are all so pretty! And the hunger games discussions crack me up! (Plus Psych is one of my favorite shows!)
    Becky’s most recent post :: April awesomeMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing. What lovely pictures….and such a cute little baby :)
    HippyFitMom’s most recent post :: Don’t Let The Valleys Let You Lose Sight….My Profile

  3. Your family is gorgeous. True story.

    Happy belated Easter!
    lauryn’s most recent post :: Randomness with RulesMy Profile

  4. Love the FRIENDS reference ;) Looks like a wonderful Easter!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I love your sisters’ faces during the birth story bit; I confess that seeing that in the title ALMOST made me not click through. I would’ve been making the same face. ;) Sounds like a great weekend – and can you PLEASE tell me more about that grilled cheese?!
    Suburban Sweetheart’s most recent post :: You know you’re in an interfaith relationship when…My Profile

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous Easter weekend.

    Random question…. what is the cursive font you used on your pictures? I’m in the process of designing my fiance and my Save The Dates and I’m always on the lookout for new, pretty fonts :-)
    Jayme’s most recent post :: My Sweet, Sweet BoyMy Profile

  7. Aww! How cute! :)
    Rachel’s most recent post :: when life hands you lemons, take a break.My Profile

  8. Holy gorgeous family!

  9. Pretty sure we watched Psych on Easter too! If it wasn’t Easter, it was Saturday. Such a great show. We love it.

    And so jealous of your cheesecake. I’ve always wanted to try one that is that good (plus, how great is it that Joey comes in at the end with his own fork?)
    rachieannie’s most recent post :: Life :: An UpdateMy Profile

  10. sounds like an absolutely delightful easter. gabe is too cute in his little outfit and it must have been so fun for him to actually know what he was doing this year, ha.
    katelin’s most recent post :: Dinosaurs & Easter bunnies, the usual.My Profile

  11. Your weekend looks like it was absolutely FABULOUS! I love that you spent so much time with family, enjoying one another’s company, watching the kids play and cooking. That sounds like a perfect holiday weekend to me.
    Erin @ The Speckled Palate’s most recent post :: Sunday Snippets: The Easter EditionMy Profile

  12. I love that your cheesecake was eat-of-the-floor worthy :) I also loved seeing your family on Easter!!!

  13. Ummm…one. that totally sounds like your dad.
    two. I hope that i was a cousin that survived the hunger games.I feel like you and your sisters know why.
    Three. i am totally in love with grilled cheeses.

  14. Catching up here… the resemblance between the ladies in your family is so strong! Sounds like you had a fun Easter :)
    Haley’s most recent post :: Monday’s Lifeshot: Table for 22My Profile

  15. Your sisters are truly magazine worthy in those shots! The photo of them being freaked out during the birth story is priceless!
    Ashlie’s most recent post :: On to the next phase…My Profile

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