The Rocket Ship Halloween.

Maybe my theme for Sundays in NaBloPoMo will be ‘Things that happened three weeks ago.’ (Like my birthday road trip.)

Gabe went ‘trick or treating’ last year – but it was really just a few floors inside our apartment building since he wasn’t even walking yet. This year? Ooooh, baby. He got so into it.

I thought his cautious little self would be nervous about trick or treating; I expected to do no more than three or four houses.  Instead, he went for an entire hour! He filled his plastic bag with candy and told every house, “Tank you!” It was so much fun.

This is why you have children:

The costume was a big hit with kids and adults. Several adults took his pictures and many kids squealed, “Look at the little rocket ship! How cute!” There is nothing cuter than a six-year-old calling a two-year-old cute.

As per tradition, I got this the day after Halloween last year for 75% off! I continued the tradition this year (grabbing some discounted peanut butter M&Ms, too, of course).

Holidays with a kid are so much fun – and now I finally like Halloween again!

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  1. Oh my GOD MY HEART! He is so freaking cute. AND A SPACESHIP COSTUME? No that just wins right there.
    Melissa’s most recent post :: The 365 Photo ProjectMy Profile

  2. thatShortChick says:

    I seriously cannot handle the OFF-THE-CHARTS CUTENESS that is Gabe in that costume.

  3. Yup. Pretty darn cute.
    We trick-or-treated on the Lawn at UVA along with thousands of other kids, and I can’t say I saw a single spaceship. Props for finding a unique costume! No small feat:)
    Katherine’s most recent post :: So It Turns Out…My Profile

  4. Best. Costume. Ever.
    Becky’s most recent post :: Lessons from my teethMy Profile

  5. Finally, something where our boys are totally different (I was beginning to wonder if they were clones for a while there!). Gavin HATED Halloween. I take that back. Gavin HATED all things costumey for Halloween. He REFUSED to be dressed as a garden gnome (I’m pretty sure he was mumbling, “I’m not your trick monkey, MOM!”) and gave me a nice little fit about wearing the back-up shirt that had a cool pumpkin on it (MOM won that battle). He didn’t care that all his friends at school were dressed up and he wasn’t. And, when we went to my aunt’s house to help hand out candy, he didn’t even care about the candy, but was more interested in swinging around his cousin’s plastic pumpkin.
    Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks’s most recent post :: ForwardMy Profile

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