Two and a half.

Gabe2.5 (17 of 20)

Gabe is two-and-a-half and, you guys, TWO YEAR OLDS ARE AWESOME. (Most of the time.)

He can talk enough to be funny and express affection. And yes, he can also talk enough to make his needs known. Even when that means screaming, “MAMA! GET ME OUT OF BED!” when he should be napping. (Then I go in and he says, “I was yelling Mama.” I know, buddy. I heard.)

things I hope I never forget from this time:

(but I am going to blog about them in case I do):

  • He’s incredibly affectionate and sweet. I was listening to a podcast and a mom said, “Little boys have really physical needs…” Yes! I thought. Gabe NEEDS tons of physical touch like hugs! The podcaster continued, “…They need to get outside and move around constantly.” Ooooh. Those kind of physical needs. Gabe gives and wants hugs and kisses all day long. And when he hugs us, it’s with an audible squeezing grunt to show us how hard he’s trying.

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  • My favorite things he says: “Mama pretty.” “Pretty dress.” “Mama cute.” This weekend, I tried on a purse and said, “What do you think, Gabe?” He replied, “Looking good!”
  • He repeats the same thing a billion times, like “I not going to bed.” “Okay, Gabe” “I not going to bed.” 10 seconds later, “I not going to bed.” 10 seconds later, “I not going to bed.” 10 seconds later, “I not going to bed.”  Et cetera. As if repeating it that will make it happen.
  • Every night, I put him in his crib and this follows:

Me: “Okay, I’m leaving now.”
Gabe: “Don’t weave!”
Me: “I have to. You need to fall asleep on your own. I promise I’ll come back if you’re really sad.”
Gabe (with a shrug, not crying at all): “Okay. I crying.”
My child threatens to cry at bedtime. He knows I am a sucker for him.

  • When I asked him if he ever wants to have a sibling (well, I called it a baby), he said he wants a kitty. Smart kid.
  • Obsessed with the alphabet. Can recognize half of the alphabet but not colors. Will be able to spell red before he knows the color. Wants to “Play ABDs” all the time with his alphabet letters.
  • Loves food. Like, a lot. Big time snacker and eater. Still not picky yet. Chose to get three boxes of granola bars when he had a gift card to Toys R Us. Will eat two bowls of oatmeal and still mooch off of his parents’ food. Likes spicy food now. Also: donuts. Duh.
  • Incredibly disinterested in potty training. Actually, actively terrified of the idea. He will, however, flush the toilet for you if you need at toilet flusher. ‘Cause that part is cool. 
  • He makes me realize what I say. I had no idea how often I say, “Oh my gosh!” “Ooooh dear,” “Freaking awesome,” or “Looking good!” until he started saying all of those things all of the time. “How did he learn to say that!?” I wonder. And then five minutes later I say, “Looking good!” Oh. It’s me.
  • His favorite place in our apartment is hanging out in our bed (“Daddy’s bed”). He likes to get all of his stuffed animals (including this giant thing) and whatever little toys he currently loves (right now it’s a horse from his Little People Nativity and a turtle baby toy that he rediscovered when I was cleaning) and transfers them from his crib to our bed. Then he gets in bed, pulls our comforter over himself, and makes all of his toys talk to each other. Every night, he takes all of his toys one by one back to his crib.
  • Mike sent me a video of him asking Gabe, “Do you like Daddy?” Gabe yelled, “I like MAMA!” I really do feel like we have a special relationship. He comes to me for cuddling and comforting. I love it. Jennie wrote about it better than I ever could, so I’m just going to say: read this.

Gabe2.5 (4 of 20)

  • He gets hooked on one book for about three weeks. Past choices have included The Lorax, The Snowy Blowy Christmas (weird book)a custom Elmo book, and any Little Pookie book. We love to read What’s Wrong, Little Pookie? with Gabe doing all the Little Pookie parts.

As for me, I am loving this stage. I tell Gabe all the time, “Thanks for making me a Mama; I love you.” I feel so lucky. We’re starting to get glimpses of when parenting gets harder and I’m a little scared of it, but for now? Most days are filled with lots of laughter, a little frustration and whining (usually Gabe, but not always), and plenty of love.

Gabe2.5 (15 of 20)

still has dimples on his elbows and knuckles.

Gabe2.5 (14 of 20)Gabe2.5 (12 of 20)

thinks he can pour cereal himself… :)

Gabe2.5 (11 of 20)

says winter is his favorite season and still rocks his Christmas pajamas.
Gabe2.5 (10 of 20)Gabe2.5 (8 of 20)Gabe2.5 (7 of 20)Gabe2.5 (6 of 20)

loves baths,Gabe2.5 (5 of 20)

this shirt,

Gabe2.5 (1 of 20)

and his daddy.

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  1. Your blog makes my ovaries hurt so bad. I want a Gabe!
    Allison @ With Faith & Grace’s most recent post :: Friday FindsMy Profile

  2. I agree, two-year-olds are the BEST! Topher wakes me up in the morning by yelling “MOMMY, the sun’s awake!” (He has a gro-clock that shows a sun when it’s time to get up) – and if I don’t get him right away he yells “MOMMY, COME AND GET ME! I’m all alone in the dark!” I don’t want Topher to turn three!
    Holly’s most recent post :: Stay TunedMy Profile

  3. Oh, I just love him. Callum does the repeating thing too, until he gets acknowledgement. So he’ll be like “Blue truck. Blue truck! BLUE TRUCK. BLUE TRUUUUUUUCK!” until you say something like, “Yes, Callum, is that a blue truck?” and then he says, “Yeah!” and that’s the end of it and he stops repeating it. Apparently he just needs affirmation.
    Jess’s most recent post :: Best surprise everMy Profile

  4. Haha if you don’t think it’s hard yet, I think you’ll be fine in the next stages :)
    Gabe is so stinking cute and I love that he gives hugs and lets you know he is really trying haha. Adorable. I also just love kids when they start talking because they say hilarious things. I also love that he already knows how to get you to come back to his bed, haha. Smart kid!
    Kelly’s most recent post :: It’s Time For MarchMy Profile

  5. Sigh. He is so adorable. This makes me beyond excited to have a child one day. I love that you two have so much fun together!

  6. Ohhhhhh. I didn’t realize there were more Pookie books. I found What’s Wrong Little Pookie at a consignment shop and Jay loves it. I think he needs more now ;)

    Gabe is so cute. I love this post. I am working on mine now b’c Jay is two and a half today.
    3catsandababy’s most recent post :: Easter Bunny WreathMy Profile

  7. My almost-three year old is still wearing his Santa jammies. Every night. Didn’t know this was a “thing”:)
    Katherine@YeOldCollegeTry’s most recent post :: March Goal- Tackle the Dreaded ProjectMy Profile

  8. These pictures capture so much of his personality! I love two year olds, too. I’m in serious denial that in a few months there will be no more two year olds, EVER, in this house.
    Megan @ Mama Bub’s most recent post :: Weekly MenuMy Profile

  9. He is such a little love.
    Angela Noelle’s most recent post :: The Story of A WeekMy Profile

  10. Goodness, that boy is absolutely adorable. I love reading about the relationship you have with him. So special. :)
    Stephany’s most recent post :: On Social Media, Images, and Stepping AwayMy Profile

  11. Well, this just makes me so excited for what lies ahead of us with Meredith. And not so scared to maybe possibly have a boy one day! Right now I feel, as you said, that Meredith and I have a special relationship. I hope that never goes away.
    Kathleen’s most recent post :: Taking Notes for Project LifeMy Profile

  12. I totally know what you mean about the mimicking, and I noticed that about my niece last week when I was visiting my family. She picks up an iPhone, holds it up in front of your face, and says, “CHEESE!” and when she pulls her toy puppy around every once in awhile, she’ll stop, turn around, and say, “NO! And we realized that was because she witnesses other people doing exactly those things with their phones and the family pup. Toddlers are SO CUTE.
    doniree’s most recent post :: Plant-Based Post-CleanseTransition MealsMy Profile

  13. I love reading these posts about Gabe, because I’m always nodding in agreement. Gavin and Gabe are so very similar (it helps they are close in age – ha!). Just this morning, Gavin had a SERIOUS meltdown and I was no help in calming him down. So, I let him get it out of his system. And, as he was calming down, he yelled, “Mommy, hug!” And that’s exactly what he needed to firmly shut the door and say goodbye to his crabbiness.
    Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks’s most recent post :: RestMy Profile

  14. All the things you don’t ever want to forget about Gabe, are all the things I don’t want to forget about my 2.5 yr old too! The affectionate hugs and kisses. The cute toddler talk. The repeating. The smartness – “I crying now” – because you said you’d come back if he’s sad.

  15. Oh, 2,5 is definitely THE BEST AGE! I loved my niece and nephew at that age.
    San’s most recent post :: The Scintilla ProjectMy Profile

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