My Favorite Apps.


I’ve had an iPhone for 5 months. Though it’s not a necessity, it’s super helpful in a lot of ways. I don’t actually use it for talking all that much and I try to use it in moderation with I’m with human beings.

Here are some of my favorite apps to keep me organized and healthy in life and business:

Mailbox: This is a newer app for me and I’m really liking it. It helps me reduce the clutter in my inbox through the easy swipe navigation. (Though I am not able to respond to Little Leaf emails on it since I can’t send from address. Small annoyance, but substantial for me.)

Chrome: I am a big time Chrome convert. I love having my bookmarks, history, and saved passwords the same no matter which computer or device I’m using. I love Chrome.


Do It!

Todoist: I’ve shared before about my project management tool of choice – I find it so useful that I actually sprung for the premium version. I have the Chrome extension, as well. It’s great for organizing task lists for website projects (and keeping track of who’s paid me!), as well as to do lists for my business.

30/30: I’ve used the pomodoro technique from time to time as a way to manage my time well. It’s great for focusing on a task, then having a scheduled break. I use it at work more than at home, since at home it’s usually just a sprint to get things done in my non-Gabe hours)

Any.DO: My to do list of choice. I tried out about 8 of them, and stuck with this one. I LOVE the simple user interface. I also like that I can schedule reminders based on when I get somewhere (ie: home, work) or a certain time. It has a Chrome extension, too.



Camera+: A little nicer than the regular iPhone camera, since you can choose exposure and the filters are nicer.

InstaCollage Pro: I use this to make simple collages.

InstaSize: To post entire photos on Instagram. (Which I don’t have right now due to the social media fast.)


Mint: I have talked a LOT about much I rely on Mint to keep track of our spending and maintain our budget. I love being able to budget on the go. (Hi, I’m a nerd.)



Trip Advisor: I like the “things to do” category when we’re traveling.

Hipmunk: Like I’ve said before, a fun flight-finding app.

Yelp: My favorite traveling app of all time. The maps are helpful and the reviews great.

Gas Buddy: Finding the cheapest or closest gas is always easy with Gas Buddy.



Kegel Camp: Yes. The name is awkward. But if you’ve had a baby, you know this is IMPORTANT. The end.

RunKeeper: I like to run, so I tried a few apps for running. I landed on this one.

Workout Trainer: Great little workouts for when I have some spare time and want to exercise. You can use the shaker to pick one randomly, or browse by time, targeted muscles, and intensity.  Not the best design app, but I love the variety.

Ab Workout: There is a free app, but I actually paid for this version because I found it so effective and found the variety so helpful to sticking with a nightly routine. Plus, I can still listen to my podcast while doing the workout, which makes it even less boring. You can choose from 3 routines or shuffle and 5, 7.5, or 10 minutes. The app isn’t pretty, but it works.

Runtastic PushUps PRO: This is my favorite push up app because you actually touch the screen with your nose when you do a push up. PLUS, it wasn’t as crazy intense as the other ones I’ve tried (15 push ups right off the bat? Nu uh, buddy. Not this girl).

Squats: Another well-designed exercise app. I know I don’t NEED an app to do these things, but it really motivates me to stay consistent.



Period TrackerYep, I’m telling you this is an awesome app. Ain’t no shame in my game. I like being able to know when to expect my period – like if I’m going on a trip, I can flip ahead a few months and see if I’ll have my period on the trip. Plus, great for knowing what your cycles are like.

Lose It!: I use both the desktop and app version of Lose It to keep track of my calories from time to time. (I’m WAY too lazy to do it every day, but I like to check in and see how I’m doing. Or when I need to drop a few lbs, I find it effective.)

Take a Break: A nice little guided meditation app.


Sleep Cycle: I swear by this app. The first app I ever purchased, I still use it every single day. The alarm wakes you up when you’re in a lighter phase of sleep, which makes for happier mornings. I find it so helpful to know how much sleep I’m getting. The charts are super interesting (I can see I’ve been going to bed later recently, or that I slept a lot worse last month. I can even see that I sleep better when I’ve had coffee after noon..??)

AccuWeatherI prefer this to the weather app that comes with the phone.

WhiteNoiseA lifesaver for Gabe when we’re traveling or when I want to take a nap in the middle of the day. :)



Google Drive: It’s great being able to access Google Docs (or Drive or whatever it’s called these days) away from my computer since my grocery list is saved on there.

Evernote: I do everything in Evernote. Keep track of blog post ideas, keep track of ideas and such for my design business, and other notes and tidbits I want to remember. I use the Chrome extension and the web clipper as well.



Harvest: I have been using Harvest for a few months now to do my invoicing and estimates.

Outright: I use Outright for my business money tracking – will be helpful come tax time next year!

MyPrice: A fun little app to calculate your hourly freelance rate. Possibly the most comprehensive I’ve seen online.



Urbanspoon: The shaker is a really fun way to decide where to eat tonight.

Starbucks: The mobile card is my BFF. (Plus! They give you a free app or song every week.)

Domino’s: I have only used this app to order pizza once but it was so awesome that I’m keeping it on there in hopes that we’ll do it again. PIZZA.



Sudoku: For a long time, I had no games on my phone. Now I have Sudoku and it’s so fun.


TuneIn RadioI use this to listen to the radio (NPR) on my phone.

Podcasts: I am really, really into podcasts. I listen to my favorites while running, walking, or cooking. My current favorites are The Because Show (for fun – smart, funny ladies chatting) and Intelligence Squared (for smarts – debates about minimum wage and genetically modified babies and such).

Feedly: My new Google Reader.

NPR News: My favorite news source. I like how some of the articles are ones you can listen to while you get dressed, cook dinner, or shower.


For Gabe

PBS Kids: Gabe is moderately to extremely obsessed with PBS Kids and all of the shows. This app comes in handy when Gabe is tagging along to my doctors’ appointments.

Endless Alphabet: “Gabe, what does journey mean?” “Take a trip!” Yep. This app taught my son vocabulary words. (As well what sounds letters make. It’s super fun.)


Lift: My favorite recent app find. You can set goals or resolutions and check them off each day as you do them. It’s motivating to be able to check my goals off each day. Beautiful interface, too.

What apps are you obsessed with lately?

About Ashley

Ashley is a web designer, mother, and social media addict. She blogs about her attempts to live more simply and pursuing happiness while juggling a job she loves and life with two adorable sons and an academic husband.


  1. I didn’t know there was a Chrome app! Awesome. My to-do & project management app is Things and I’m super dependent on it! For photo editing try PicTapGo or AfterLight, I love them both. For health I use wCalendar to track my cycles & other health concerns; I like it because it helps me with fertility stuff too. Total Baby is cool for tracking Meredith’s vaccines and doctor’s visits. I’ve used Sleep Cycle but I don’t like that I have to reset the alarm every night. On the clock that comes with the iPhone I can set up multiple repeating alarms which is awesome. As for games, you clearly need to try Candy Crush. I also love Word Warp, Sally’s Spa, and Ranch Rush. :) Apparently I have a lot of thoughts about apps!

    • Ashley Cadaret says:

      I don’t WANT to play Candy Crush!! I don’t need any reason to be wasting time on my phone. ;) Haha.

  2. This is such an awesome list! I have filled up a whole Post-It with new apps to try out. :) I am never one to hunt for them on my own – I rely on rec’s from other people. I am SO obsessed with Sleep Cycle. I think I’ve had it for over a year and almost never use anything but that. I love the calm way it wakes me up! Also, must second Kathleen’s Candy Crush because yes. Fairly obsessed. It’s addicting!
    Stephany’s most recent post :: 2013 Cruise – Day 2 RecapMy Profile

  3. I’ve had an iPhone for almost 2 years and still don’t have a handle on apps quite the way you do! My favorites are Feedly (to read blogs while I’m in the doctor’s waiting room – forever!), MyFitnessPal (used the same way you use LoseIt), 5K Runner (for my couch to 5K training) and GrubHub (for ordering delivery food when we’re on our way home and famished!).
    Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks’s most recent post :: JournalMy Profile

  4. Wow, I love this post! I am going to go download a million apps now haha.

    I need to try the sleep app again. I think I was sleeping worse with it because I was constantly wondering if I was waking up ha ha.
    Kelly’s most recent post :: April= Complete.My Profile

  5. I think PBS Kids is every kids’ favorite…Claire used to grab the iPad and tell Christina & John “Kids…Kids!” Then if they didn’t move quickly enough she would do it herself and turn on the PBS Kids app! :)

    • Ashley Cadaret says:

      Funny! Gabe says, “I want to play a game.” And I say, “No Gabe. You just want to watch TV DON’T LIE.” ;)

  6. Oh oh oh PopAGraphy is INCREDIBLE. It’s a photo edit program for instagram, or for anything I guess. The features it has are second to none. It has a lot of filters, but best of all it has a mask feature so you can blend a photo by only applying a filter to some of the photo. This makes for very 3D photos if you use the soft focus filters, excluding areas you want to highlight. Amazing :)
    Mary’s most recent post :: Power linesMy Profile

    • Ashley Cadaret says:

      Ooooh. That sounds fantastic. I will have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Heather says:

    I love this list! I’m getting an iPhone again this month after trying to use a regular phone for the last two years to save money. I can’t wait to try out some of these apps I’ve been missing, especially sleep cycle! Also, I love all your posts about Mint, now I just need to convince my husband to get on board. I think he’s nervous about putting all our financial information on a website, and my reason of “but the girl who writes this blog I follow did it” hasn’t convinced him yet :) Love all your posts honestly and I really appreciate your transparency.

    • Ashley Cadaret says:

      Oooh, have fun!

      Mint is SO HELPFUL. Maybe your husband will be convinced by PC Magazine? Or the NYT? I bank online anyway, so Mint is pretty much the same thing. They don’t store passwords at all!

  8. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do without my iPhone :)
    Great apps. I use some of them as well.
    Here are some other apps I like:
    Buxfer – for tracking spending (Mint confuses me sometimes with all the different accounts it takes into account).
    Phonto – to put text on your photos.
    Over – also to use text on photos.
    Photosynth – to take panoramic pictures in one easy motion.
    San’s most recent post :: Friday Link LoveMy Profile

  9. You don’t use Yelp? It’s my go-to for restaurant reviews. It has more users than urbanspoon, I think. The reviews are about 90% dead-on.
    lisacng @’s most recent post :: Playground parentingMy Profile

  10. Great list of apps; thanks for sharing! I use a lot of the same apps as you, but there are definitely a few I’ve never heard of that I’m looking forwarding to checking out! One of my favorite apps that I’ve been obsessed with for a long time is DISH Anywhere. I travel a lot for my job at DISH, so I like to use the app for entertainment since it allows me to watch all of my shows from home, live or recorded, everywhere I go in the world. It’s awesome to have during flight delays and such, but really as a TV lover, I just enjoy the fact that I can use it to keep up with my shows even when I’m stuck across the country on business.

  11. Wow, this is fantastic! I’ll definitely be downloading some of these. I’m currently loving Food on the Table. It’s my recipe organizer/meal planner/grocery list. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but it’s been amazing so far.
    Angela Noelle’s most recent post :: I Want To Go Back To ThereMy Profile

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