16 weeks.

That’s right. I’m doing bi-weekly updates again! Feel free to follow along or ignore as self-indulgent pregnancy shenanigans as you please.


How far along? 16.5 weeks.

How big is baby? Avocado-sized. So it probably loves guacamole. Which I had today.

Total weight gain: + 1 pound (I’d gained 5 at this point with Gabe. Darn nausea and vomiting curbing my food intake!)

Updates: I’ve been wearing leggings from, like, week 7. It’s not that I’m getting particularly large, leggings are just particularly comfortable. I’ve happily moved into my pregnancy bra size (hooray!). I swear the chub is more spread out this time than it was with Gabe – like I have more back and thigh fat now instead of just a belly. Then I remind myself it’s been one pound, so I’m probably just imagining things. I’m starting to let myself talk about “a baby in June,” which feels really monumental.

Anxious about: Oh, everything. Mostly everything. My latest crazy lady attack was when I woke up with a cystic zit on my chin (so sorry TMI), which I only ever get right before my period (again, so sorry). Of course, I’m all, “OMG! ALERT! NO LONGER PREGNANT!” so I pulled out my doppler and got lucky – the baby must’ve been sleeping so I could it right away. Overall, I’m much less anxious now than I was a month ago. (And way less than two months ago.) This pregnancy-after-two-losses thing is such a blessing and every day, I’m so thankful, but it’s also incredibly mentally exhausting.

Excited about: More movement. It was my favorite part of my pregnancy with Gabe – until it became bruised ribs – but! even then! it was so reassuring.

Feeling: Mostly better, nausea-wise. Though I tried to make pancakes last week and got sick. I like the idea of cooking, I’m just not quite ready to do it again. I’ve been so much more sick than with Gabe! It’s so weird how different every pregnancy can be. Thankfully less headaches this week, but I’ve also started drinking my daily cup of coffee again, so that might help. Hooray for coffee.

Exercise: This past week, I ran (twice!), did some Wii Fit, pilates, and yoga. Hoping to keep it up throughout the pregnancy like I was able to with Gabe. I feel so much better when I’m active.

Sleep: Mostly good – still popping a nightly Unisom to help not throw up in the morning, which helps me sleep in.

Movement: I think so! Little flutters here and there, which is great. I’m like 80% sure it’s a baby I’m feeling and not, like, gas. Maybe like 60% sure.

Food cravings: Grapefruit, lettuce, and noodles. I’m highly suggestible right now – if you talk about some sort of food, I’ll probably need to have it immediately (or be totally grossed out).

Tomorrow afternoon I have a doctor appointment – hoping there’s a heartbeat and all is well!

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  1. I am rooting for you and following along! So happy for you and your family and excited for you!

  2. Yay! Keep it up with the updates, you KNOW we love them. And thanks for posting the picture with the real bathroom mirror. Makes me feel better ;-)

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, and hopefully the rest of the second trimester will go easy on you! Sending good thoughts for tomorrow’s appointment. :) xo

  4. really really love these :) yaaaaay

  5. YAY, so happy you are doing updates again. I didn’t read your blog back when you were pregnant the first time but I have read your updates an insane number of times now that I am pregnant haha. Stalker over here.
    Also happy you are taking Unisom too… I had JUST weaned myself when I started getting the crazy nightly itching and when the doctor recommended Benadryl I was like might as well just go back to Unisom. Definitely could not have survived this pregnancy without it.
    And my last comment is, you look adorable- I love your little bump and I am POSITIVE you have not gained weight elsewhere that is all your imagination :)

  6. Yay yay yay! Excited for your appointment tomorrow and for you to see how the baby has grown since your last once!

  7. I <3 your updates! :)

  8. I am insanely happy for you! You are so witty and sweet! P.s. love your hair that length! It looks amazing!!!! Loving the baby bump pic! Stay optimistic lady! I must visit you and this new baby bump of yours! ;) xoxo

  9. Yay for pregnancy updates! I love your little bump :) I know what you mean about pregnancy after a loss being mentally exhausting … I had to force myself not to consult Dr. Google with every little thing! I hope your appointment went well :)

  10. Everything sounds just as it should be. And I’m calling out a baby girl right now, because your symptoms are so different than your pregnancy with Gabe. =)

  11. So very happy and excited for you :)

  12. I am so thrilled!!! Prayers constantly in your direction that all goes well. <3

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