18 Weeks.

18-weeks (1 of 1)

Time for our bi-weekly navel gazing with Ashley!

How far along? 18 weeks.

How big is baby? A sweet potato, apparently. Which vary widely in size, so I’m not sure that is helpful.

Total weight gain: + 5 pounds (That’s four pounds in two weeks. Looks like I’m feeling better!  HELLO, FOOD.)

Updates: Biggest update this week is feeling the baby kick every single day, multiple times a day. After a few weeks of flutters, I felt it kick from the outside at 16w2d and Mike got to feel it at 17w2d. So, so awesome. This is just the best thing ever and I’m incredibly grateful to have that reassurance! My anxiety is way down as a result. Worried? Wait a few hours I’ll feel Little Foot poking me. It’s so bizzare how the baby kicks are still way down near my bikini line, yet my belly protrudes.

Anxious about: Our anatomy scan in two weeks. Most people think of this as the big gender/sex reveal, but all I can think about is how I hope that nothing bad is revealed. I know too much now!

Excited about: The anatomy scan! I am excited to see the baby again. And I know odds are that all is well, so I’m focusing on the excitement.

Feeling: I like food again, but it’s still tricky sometimes. Like the morning Mike got to feel the baby kick, I promptly ran to the bathroom to throw up because I hadn’t taken a unisom and got hungry and, well, I guess I’m not 100% yet. Sleepier than normal, too. But mostly good! Just happy.

Exercise: Happily, it got sunny and warmish for a few days, so I was able to run outside twice (and on the treadmill once). I’m also quite fond of the 7 Minute Workout and a little yoga. I took the first 10 weeks off running, but then eased back into it with a couch to 5K app to make sure I wasn’t pushing myself too much. I just love running and hope I can continue doing it! My belly is becoming noticeably heavy, though, when I start my run, so I might need to get a belly brace thing (I think that’s a thing?) eventually.

Sleep: Same same. Still popping a nightly Unisom and B6 to keep the morning queasies at bay, and BONUS! that helps me sleep.

Movement: This stage of movement is so cute. It’s like cautious little pokes that in a few months will be violent elbow and heel jabbing. These pokes are soft and gentle. I pretend like the baby’s all, “Hey, Mom? Is that you?” while later he’ll be stomping his feet in anger. It’s possible I’m giving a fetus too much credit for his ability control his muscles. I’ve seen newborns. They have no idea how the heck to move their limbs.

Food cravings: Lots of potatoes. Grapefruit. Noodles. A sad, unfulfilled craving for sugary cereal.


  • It bothers me unnecessarily when people say “I’m 16 weeks pregnant, so 4 months!” I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s inaccurate? I’m ridiculous. I realize this. But I was happy to find this website where you plug in your due date and it tells you how many months you are (easier consumption for the non-pregnant people who don’t track their lives in weeks) and what percent complete you are with the pregnancy (45%!) Accurate months for everyone! No more 24 weeks = 6 months nonsense! (And everyone starts to realize how crazy I actually am…)
  • My stomach is a billion percent bigger at night (what was I saying about valuing accuracy?). Evidence. And yet people still tell me how tiny I am. I DON’T FEEL TINY. Does this mean my stomach normally looks like this and don’t realize? I have Concerns.
  • I’ve already outgrown my pregnancy bras from Gabe. Oh dear.
  • My skin was awesome with Gabe. My skin is decidedly not awesome this time.
  • Despite the fact that my nausea and skin are worse this time, I think I am having a boy. Perhaps because I loved having one little boy and can imagine having another. I did dream I was having a girl, however.

18 weeks with Gabe.

About Ashley

Ashley is a web designer by day (and night). She blogs about her attempts to live more simply and pursuing happiness while juggling a job she loves and life with an adorable toddler and an academic husband.


  1. I was so tired with each of my pregnancies to the point that I felt more energetic with a newborn around. Glad to hear you’re feeling good!

  2. The pregnancy website you shared is AWESOME. I’ve bookmarked it now for fast reference. Genius! I can’ t believe I’m 75.6% complete (whoa, exactness).

    My belly is also larger at night. By the time I climb into bed, I feel huge – like a turtle on its back. People are constantly saying “you’re so small for 30 weeks, are you sure you’re 30 weeks?!” and it is annoying. I don’t feel small!

    P.S. You look amazing.

  3. Thank you for posting that pregnancy website! I’m definitely confused about the weeks vs. months thing and that was super helpful.

  4. You look fantastic! I love that top :) I gained 20 lbs less with Ellie than I did with Topher, but I felt like I was buying a larger sized bra every other month or so. Craziness! I was anxious about every single ultrasound with Ellie (and there were lots!) – I’ve got my fingers crossed that all goes well for you :)

  5. I think the weeks/months things bothers a lot of people. It certainly annoys me. I love being able to say I’m *actually* six months along right now! (26 weeks)

  6. Not sure if this is helpful or not but my nausea amd skin were awful up to about week 24 and I had a girl! You look fab by the way :-)

  7. You look fantastic! Glad you’re feeling better. :)

  8. You look awesome! I’m glad you’re feeling better and I too am excited for your anatomy scan – so it’ll be exciting AND reassuring! :)

  9. Food probably helps the belly be bigger at night. You are a cute pregnant lady, regardless of the size of your belly.

    I noticed you said he a few times, so I figured you thought boy. I vote girl, based on everything you said, but either will be adorable… healthy baby is all that matters!

  10. Your baby is feet down and the big part (head) is at the top, making you look large. My last one stayed feet down, never turned. She pushed her head under my ribs until I thought she would break my ribs. When she kicked, it felt like she was kicking my anus and bladder. She did come breech–toes first.

  11. You look great! Glad you’re feeling better and less anxious.

  12. I’ve missed your blog, Ashley! I am finally catching up again, and I see this! I am so excited for you and your little family. Best wishes!

  13. You look great! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Ahm yes, you are still tiny… but who cares! Happy, healthy baby kicks! Hooray!

  15. You look amazing! And I can’t wait to hear from the next ultrasound that everything is going well. :)

  16. So…you are still tiny! Compared to the rest of us folks, even though you are pregnant. You have a beautiful pregnant belly!!! I swear compared to the rest of the world though, many of us folks have bigger bellies not pregnant! You lucky girl, you! Though tiny is relative I suppose. ;) I love that couch to 5k app too! I need to get back into using it! If you can do it pregnant, what is my excuse? ha Love the pregnancy outfit btw! I did notice you are calling the baby a “he”. Today a girl I work with told me that moms just “know” what they are having, so maybe you are having a boy! But then I have also heard that what you dream about is what you are having. I honestly don’t know if any of that is true, lol. I know you will <3 them no matter what they are! I just can't wait to hear the check up went well and the baby_ is healthy!!! :) Stay positive!

  17. Lookin’ good mama! And hello, you can run while pregnant? I may need to (hopefully :D) look into that for future ;0)

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