December Updates & January Intentions.

[December Update]

Sew something. I MADE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. A preschooler-sized messenger bag out of flannel train material:


It was SO fun to create something with my own hands. I missed that. I should do it more.

Do Christmassy things. Yes! And it was such fun. We did everything except 3-4 items from this list. Gabe is fully into the Christmas season this year, which makes it all even more enjoyable.

Reach a certain number goal for my income this month. Spectacular fail. I only earned about 36% of my income goal. Womp womp. That’s why I set goals, though, to have something to work toward. And December is usually quiet the second half of the month as people get off their computers and away from work instead of thinking about the new website they need.

Get my hair chopped. Sure did. To the tune of 12 inches. A FOOT OF HAIR IS GONE FROM MY HEAD. (Sorry. Apparently coffee makes me use the shift key.)


[January Intentions]

Reread the Joy of Less. I read this book almost 3 years ago and it changed my life. In fact, this post about learning how not to be a slob is still one of my most-visited and pinned (and at least 65 copies of The Joy of Less have been bought by people visiting that post – not to mention people like me who get it from the library.) However. Things have been sliding and 3.5 years staying in the same apartment means more stuff accumulation, despite our best efforts to constantly declutter. It’s time for a big purge and I am so ready. 

Take another Braid E-Course. I mentioned how Braid’s “Dream Customer Catching” e-course was one of the best business investments I made last year, so when I saw they’re offering their course in a few weeks called SHAPE UP YOUR CONTENT: Tame Your Ideas & Tell People How to Buy You, I signed myself right up. I think it’ll be just what I need to get myself started on the right food with business things. I am so excited to get to take another e-course with them!

Complete Fresh Start. In looking for some reflection and intention setting materials, this guide was suggested to me by Lisa and Jamie. I wasn’t intending to purchase something, but since it’s oriented toward creative business owners, I snatched it up, hoping it will help me to focus myself and my business in the new year. (For a more personal growth oriented reflection and intention guide – we did the ones from the Art of Simple together last night. Lots of good conversation resulted.)

Drink 54 oz of water a day. I made an effort to get enough water (half my body weight in ounces) for a few days and noticed a remarkable difference – I woke up more easily, didn’t experience dry mouth at night, and had less headaches. Now that I’m finally feeling a little better, I should take better care of my body. And so: water!

I’m so hopeful for this month, the year, and all the potential they hold!

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  1. Happy New Year! Gabe’s little messenger bag is adorable. Your hair is fantastic. Do you like it? I always think I want to cut my hair, but then I realize that I hate actually fixing it. Here’s to more water!

    • I do! I am surprised I don’t regret such a big change, but I was thinking that there hasn’t been one day that I regretted it!

      I think it helps that I didn’t feel like my hair was FABULOUS before, just sort of there. Ha. So having a style is an improvement!

  2. The haircut looks great! One of my goals for this year is to grow my hair longer again after doing such a chop, but it looks like you definitely made a good choice. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the bag you made Gabe, just adorable!
    I spent a lot of time decluttering in 2013. Of course I still feel like I want to do more… but having a baby in a few weeks, I probably shouldn’t take on any further projects? Ha ha.

  4. Congrats on completing most of your goals for December! Love the haircut!

    I think drinking more water is a great goal. In fact, I should probably adopt that goal this month myself.

  5. Drinking more water is a good one! I don’t have a water purifier here, & I’m a little leery of D.C.’s tap water, so I haven’t been drinking as much of it as I ought to be…

    Happy 2014, friend! Glad to be reunited with your blog, & looking forward to seeing what comes your way this year.

  6. I have a feeling that it is going to be an amazing upcoming year for you! :) I look forward to continuing to read your blog. Cute messenger bag for Gabe! He looks so grown up wearing it! One of my resolutions is to improve my sewing skills; I’ve just recently gotten crocheting down. I, too, hope to read the “Joy of Less,” since I need a refresher. And I also try to drink more water but end up giving up – I’ll just keep at it. Here’s to a wonderful 2014!!!

  7. Happy New Year!

    You had a great December and it seems like you have some awesome plans for January, as well.

    I’m totally with you on drinking more water. I see a 100 percent noticeable difference in my energy level when I start my day drinking water and continue throughout the day. So important.

  8. Gabe’s messenger bag is the cutest thing ever. SO SWEET. and he’s so styling, i love it.

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