What’s It Like to Have A Son?

Several times over the last few years, a friend has found out she is having a little boy and asks me, “What do you like about having a son?”

I am not sure every boy is like, but I know what it’s like to have my particular son.

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Most recently when asked this, I started thinking how to respond and found myself verklempt and a little teary.  

Because, yes, I am overly sappy and emotional right now, but, oh my gosh, I love having a little boy so much. I feel lucky every day that I get to be his mom and that he thinks I am the best thing of the face of this earth.

He wants me comfort him, he wants me to cuddle with him, he wants me to do everything for him.

I feel special every single day being the mother of a little boy.

He tells me nonstop how much he loves me and showers me with kisses and hugs. He wipes my tears and rubs my back and wants me to do the same for him.

He makes me laugh and tells me stories. My life is richer and fuller and brighter because of him.

He loves to dance to Katy Perry and build castles with blocks. He loves to pretend to curl his eyelashes and be a “scary monster.” He’s our little sidekick and shadow, but entirely his own person.

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My son is a little ray of sunshine in my life. 

I love having a little boy SO SO much. I don’t know what this next baby is yet, but I’ll be just bit sad if I don’t get to raise two little mama’s boys. Because it’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten to do.

(Of course, I’m certainly not saying that having a daughter isn’t all of this. I imagine much of the joy I have with my little boy is universal to being a parent.)

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  1. Agree 100%! I want another boy so much.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I’ll never understand women who are disappointed to hear they’re expecting a boy. I am SO grateful I have a son. He’s just the most amazing thing ever and it’s one of the reasons I’m having such a hard time bonding with this baby girl I’m carrying. I’m sure having a daughter will be just as awesome but having a little man is the best thing ever.

  3. This is so sweet! I’m actually 17 weeks pregnant and it’s been fun reading your blog since you are just a few weeks ahead of me. I am hoping we have a boy because I think it would be the most fun! Of course, I know a girl would be wonderful too, but a boy just seems so fun! We aren’t finding out so it will be a long wait, but I know no matter what it will be worth it. Will you guys find out if you are having a boy or girl?

  4. I really wanted a daughter — SO MUCH. I only ever wanted to be the mom of a girl. But then I gave birth to Sebastian, and being a mom to a boy is the best thing ever. I love it so much. Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine having any other child, but I just love having a son.

  5. Love this! I have a 7 week old, and while I think I’d like to have a little girl someday, being a mama to a little boy is already so much fun.

  6. I LOVE having a son. Topher is definitely a mama’s boy – like you said, “he wants me comfort him, he wants me to cuddle with him, he wants me to do everything for him.” He totally thinks I’m the best thing on the face of the earth! Well, except when I put him in the naughty chair …

    I love having a daughter too, but it’s different. Even though she’s only ten months old. She wants me to comfort her and she wants me to cuddle her, but other than that she’s daddy’s girl. As soon as Nathan gets home from work in the evening, he’s the one she wants. When Nathan’s around, she’s under his feet, trying to climb up his legs, laughing and clapping and waving at him. It’s hilarious :)

  7. I should prob earn some kind of prize for reading this post without full on crying at the end haha. Anyway, Gabe is absolutely adorable and it’s only been 7 days but I love having a son too :) I was just thinking last night it is both exhausting and kind of cool that I am the only person who can really comfort him… Not that I wouldn’t mind taking a day break from that at this moment haha

  8. I have a son and a daughter, who now have children of their own. Raising them was a joy to me, Everyday was a new adventure, As my son turned three, his baby sister was born (notice the dates in my email address) he was such a help to me. If I asked him to get Sissy a diaper from their room, he would bring me three. The wonders of childhood. I never stopped learning from them, they are the two miracles of my life since I had four children and had lost two. They and their families live in the same city I live in and we are in contact most everyday. They are my children, the loves of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without them even as adults. They are there for me as I am for them. I loved them deeply as children and now as adults. They are terrific people!

  9. Hi Ashely, you know, my wife was a little disappointed as well when
    we found out that we were about to have a son. That was due to the
    fact that she liked very much to be with our elder daughter, dressing her
    with the fanciest clothes, playing.

    But recently she realized that it is such a great experience to have a son, whom
    she and everyone else amongst us (myself & my daughter) love above everything else,
    we are collectively cuddling and hugging him every minute of the day :-)

  10. I enjoy having two little girls but I really hope if/when me and D decide to have babies that it’s a boy. It could just be that I’m tired of princesses + Dora and pink stuff. =)

  11. You know why I love having a little boy? Because I don’t have to overdose on PINK! and PURPLE! and BOWS! and RUFFLES! and, I think I’m going to be sick now.

    (If I had a girl, I know I’d love her … but, she’d never ever wear bows … ever.)

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