May Updates & June Intentions.

preschool-performance (1 of 1)

Preschool year-end performance.

[May Update]

Put my phone in another room (or at least across the room) at night. Wildly successful. Annoyingly so. I think it’s probably the part where I’m not on my phone right before sleeping or checking my email/Twitter in the middle of the night. I just stay half-asleep all night. Most nights. Except that one night where I ended up getting out of bed at 4:15 am to eat a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats.

Take Gabe to swim lessons. Indeed. And borrowed a maternity suit to do so! I think my gigantic belly might alarm some of the other YMCA members, but it’s been really fun to go each week together. It’s basically glorified play time in the pool, but Gabe loves having a teacher. (I actually talked him into swim lessons by touting the part about having a teacher. He’s my mini-me teacher’s pet.)

Attend WordCamp. I did and it was really fantastic. Definitely the best bang for my buck in terms of anything related to my business I’ve ever done. Great sessions, great connections, REALLY great food.

Work like a madwoman. Check out my Little Leaf earnings from this year so far:

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.24.42 AM

I totally blew the rest of the year away! Woo! Maternity leave here we come…

[June Intentions]

Get ready for and have a baby.  We need to pack a hospital bag, review the Bradley workbook from when we took classes with Gabe, settle on a few names, and then, you know, birth and add a tiny member to our family and figure out how to take care of it and help Gabe adjust and and and…! I mean, I am HOPING this happens in June, because otherwise I’d be 11 days overdue. And that’s a lot of days overdue.  I’ve been pregnant off and (mostly) on for 16 months. I’m pretty excited to hopefully finally get a baby out of it all!

Launch last website. This depends on the client (and I suppose the baby not coming early), but I am hoping against all hope that I can wrap up everything with clients before the baby comes.

Annnd, I think that’s enough goals for the month. Because that first one is a little ambitious. ;)

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  1. Do you have a name picked out yet? I can’t remember if you said you all ever settled on one…

    Mmmm… Frosted Mini Wheats… (First trimester craving just kicked in…)
    Katherine’s most recent post :: Fill in the BlankMy Profile

  2. Way to go you on your awesome income for the last month. That’s amazing! You are such an inspiration. Will be thinking of you allll month leading up to Baby #2. wishing you & your family nothing but the best. xo
    Nora’s most recent post :: Q&A with KapachinoMy Profile

  3. Yay, baby!

  4. I agree with Nora. You’re an inspiration. Cheers to your June. I hope its the best month for you.
    Erin’s most recent post :: Currently in MayMy Profile

  5. Karinny says:

    My baby is also breeched so I am having my Caesarian this Friday! So excited to follow your baby updates! It is my first so your blog has been a great source of inspiration and just beautiful pictures

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